Monthly Archives: October 2001

Halloween, Snowman Style


I thought this was one of the strangest Halloween pumpkins that I have ever seen. The pumpkin’s snowman-like form pretty much echos the thought on everyone’s mind here: Winter is coming. Soon. They say we could have snow showers overnight. It should be interesting.

Monument to Disaster


Yesterday was a beautiful fall day here, and I went for a walk. In a park that is about three or four blocks from my home, the pictured memorial has been constructed. As you can probably tell, it is twisted steel and building materials. On the sides are mounted pictures which were taken by a local photographer who visited the site of the World Trade Center tragedy on September 12, 2001. I found the sculpture very moving.

What I did not understand were the reactions of others viewing the sculpture. First of all, I tend to appreciate these sorts of things in silence, and no one ever interupted me while I gazed in respectful silence at the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor or at the Vietnam Memorial. So, I was surprised when two different people spoke to me. The first was an older woman, who said, “Can you believe the brought this wreckage all the way from New York City?” She clearly hadn’t read the plaque, which stated clearly that none of the materials used to create the structure came from the site of the World Trade Center. The second was a male teenager who said, “It’s brainwashing. They sent this because there isn’t enough support for the war here.” Now, it’s probably true that the support for the war here lags somewhat behind the rest of the country, but I couldn’t believe how completely he had missed the point.



I took this picture a couple of weeks ago on the Commons, a pedestrian area just outside our apartment, but I’ve sortof resisted posting it. I really like to take pictures of people doing things. And it’s a little bit easier to sneak a picture of people you don’t know doing things than it is to have one’s friends on constant guard against the camera. Still, I’m not sure how random strangers would feel about my taking their picture and then posting it on the web. Freedom of the press, perhaps?

Also, if I’m going to go around taking pictures of people that I don’t know, I’m going to have to get better at it. Right now, I tend to stop and think for too long before I shoot. And, while I’m loitering, people start to get suspicious. In fact, I was going to take a shot of some diners at a sidewalk cafe last night, but before I was ready to take my picture a couple of them were staring at me. I guess this isn’t very surprising since I crossed the street, stopped, took out my camera, and started sortof wandering about looking for the best angle. I wasn’t staring through my viewfinder or anything that obvious, but I guess I had blown my cover as a random guy walking down the street.

On the plus side, there are definite benefits to the oncoming cold weather when it comes to taking pictures. Now that I wear a jacket almost all the time, I can carry my camera in one of my many jacket pockets. The more often my camera is within easy reach, the more pictures I’m likely to take; the more pictures I take, the more likely I am to come up with some good ones.

I have one more image to post this weekend – probably tomorrow.



Most people don’t think of Fall as a time for new beginnings – Spring is the season for that! This weblog begins in the Fall, though. And for a good reason – I was born near the beginning of Fall. To celebrate the 24th anniversary of that event, this year I received a digital camera. And, with that camera this weblog was born.

In the coming days, I’ll be posting some explanatory information about who I am, what this weblog is, why I’m doing it, why it has such a weird name, and so on. For now, it will suffice to say that my emphasis shall be on posting images rather than words. To get things started properly, I’ll be posting a few of the best images that I’ve taken recently. After that initial flurry, I plan to limit my postings to one or two images per week; we’ll see what happens.

I hope that you enjoy Imagenab!



This shot comes from a wedding that my wife and I attended a couple of weeks ago. The wedding, of two dear friends, was extremely memorable – held at the top of a mountain in New Hampshire where it was snowing on the first weekend in October. It is also one of the best candid pictures I’ve ever taken.

I’ve done some work on the arrangement of the main weblog page. There’s still lots to do, though. Next I’ll probably get the “About” page up, tweak the design of this page some more, and then work on the layout of the “Archive” pages.