Monthly Archives: December 2001

Green Street at Night


The sky was really erie looking this evening. Unfortunately, it’s awfully hard to capture that feeling. Nonetheless, I thought it was a neat picture. That’s the Tompkins County Public Library in the foreground with the Holiday Inn in the background.

Trail’s End Inn


This is where we stayed in the Adirondacks. It is Trail’s End Inn in Keene Valley, NY. We spent two nights here, and had a very relaxing time. We would recommend it to anyone who’s headed that way. Most of the guests were headed into the great outdoors; Becky and I weren’t quite up to skiing, snow shoeing, or ice climbing. We just enjoyed the inn, drove into Lake Placid, ate some wonderful food, and relaxed. It was a great getaway.

Lake Placid


After Christmas, Becky and I went to the Adironacks for a couple of days. Unfortunately, I didn’t take enough pictures to make a “Trips and Events” entry. So, this is Lake Placid (the lake, not the city).

My Sister


Kristen didn’t like the picture of her that I posted on my old webpage. I confess, it was out of date when I posted it, and then I kept it up for years. So, hopefully she’ll be pleased with this one. I think it’s a lovely photograph; don’t you?

Lost Wheel


I was completely baffled by the presence of this bicycle wheel in Wee Stinky Creek. (If you don’t know Cornell, Wee Stinky Creek is a tiny stream that winds its way through central campus until it reaches an unenviable end in a drain pipe that dumps it into Cascadilla Gorge.) First of all, how did the bicycle wheel end up in the creek? They’re not really known for just falling off… Secondly, why didn’t whoever lost it go pick it up? The creek is very accessible at the point where the wheel had come to rest; it’s not even very wide. Were it not for the fact that it was raining, I think you could have retrieved it without getting wet!



Last weekend, my wife had to take a test in Cortland. The test was required for her to obtain her permanent teaching licensure in New York State. Anyway, while she was taking the test in the afternoon, I wandered around downtown Cortland and I liked this stately old building. So, here it is.

So, what have I been up to the last couple of weeks? And why haven’t I been posting? I don’t have a very good excuse, really. All of my travels – first to Maine and then to Texas – got me out of my routine. After returning from my trips, I had the last week of class for this semester at Cornell and then exams began. To be perfectly honest, I won’t really get back into anything that looks like a routine until after New Year’s Day. I am hoping to post more regularly, though.