Monthly Archives: April 2002

Our Spectacular Italianate


For the last few weeks, I’ve been going to Becky’s school once a week to help in art class. The architecture unit in the fourth grade is a community institution in Trumansburg. Early in the year, the classes visit the different styles of houses in the Village (as weather permits) and draw pictures of them. In Social Studies, they study the different architectural styles as they relate to American history. They write reports. And they build houses out of foam core board – one style per homeroom class.

The kids place the windows, draw the foundations, choose what type of molding to use around the doors and windows, glaze and sash the windows, shape and attach the molding, and build the stairs. The adult helpers cut out the windows with an exacto knife, glue the whole structure together with hot glue, and try to keep the kids on task. This is the house my group built, with a little help from me. It was a blast.

Some personal things have kept me busy lately, but hopefully things are returning to something resembling normal.

Cold Feet


Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. A couple of weeks ago, while walking through the gorge, I had a brief conversation with myself (silently, of course).

“Self, when it gets warm you should wade out into the creek. You can get some better pictures from there.”

“You’re right, self! I’ll wade in as soon as it hits 85 degrees!”

I figured it would be at least June or July before we hit 85. Of course, it got up to nearly 90 today. Not one to break promises made to myself, I waded into the creek. The air may have been 90 degrees, but the water was closer to 50. It was a lot like standing in a bucket of ice water. I don’t think I’ve suffered any permanent damage. I’ll wade in some other places later this summer.

I took several pictures while wandering about in the creek, but this was my favorite. The lighting was better in some other shots, but I liked having the people in the picture. It gives you a sense of scale.

Gold Stars All Around


This is the building in which I work (no stalkers, please). The last image – “Guess What” – was taken from the bottom of the stairwell which is in the tower along the right-hand side of the photo. The towers at the two ends of the building make the building look cool, but they are completely inconvenient. The elevators are in the middle of the building, as is the main entrance. To use the stairs, you have to enter the middle of the building, walk to the end, go up the stairs, and then backtrack. Plus, you have to have a key to enter most of the floors from the stairwell.

I don’t like this picture very much. I’ll try to post another picture of the building another time, but I didn’t want to keep you in suspense any longer.

goldstar.gifEveryone guessed that it was a stairwell. First was JSR (who got a head start) then JLKU. Only AMH knew the building.

Guess What?


A gold star to the first person who can identify what is pictured here. If you are or have been a Cornell student, then you must identify the location precisely and you only get a silver star. I’ll still be impressed, though. Respond via Email. I’ll post the answer in a few days. It will probably require another entry with an additional photograph for a complete explanation.



Saturday morning was brisk, but I think you could definitely tell that Spring was in the air. In fact, you will note that those are rain drops on the child, rather than snow flakes.

I tried a similar shot a few weeks ago, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. This time I went ahead and climbed in the bushes. Ah, the sacrifices we must make for art. It’s still not perfect, but I like it quite a bit. Go me.

I’m having computer problems at home, which makes updating this page, as well as my dissertation work, rather complicated. The hard drive crashed on my laptop. After resting, it decided to come back to life, but now I’m living in constant fear of the next crash. The laptop is still under warrenty, and HP is sending a new drive, but it’s currently backordered. They should tell me this week how long it will take. If it’s going to be too long, I’ll see if I can talk them into sending me a larger drive which happens to be in stock.