A Microsoft-less World?

So, I’m preparing for my clean install of Leopard, which should arrive early next week.

Microsoft Office on the Mac stinks.  It is slow and eats up tons of memory.  It is just incompatible enough with the Windows version to be annoying.  It is the only major app that I have which is not yet Universal Binary.  And, while the next version of Office for Mac will be Universal Binary, it will drop all Visual Basic for Applications (macro) support.

But, I get Office documents all the time.  Actually, Virginia Tech is more heavily steeped in Microsoft Office than any other university I have ever known.  So, I’m not sure that I can drop Microsoft Office.  But, some of the VT forms I use all the time have macros and hence won’t run in the next version of Office, anyway.

What might work is to install OpenOffice and/or iWork for everyday use and then put the Windows version of Office on my Parallels Virtual Machine.  I’m pretty likely to give this a whirl for a while, anyway.

Oh, just found this post explaining in some detail why the Microsoft Mac Business Unit (MacBU) is dropping VBA support.  It makes me feel slightly better about the reasons behind the change (basically huge, scary, hairy legacy code), but I’m still not sure that I really need any Microsoft Office in my life.

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