Monthly Archives: June 2010

My Office Coffee Setup

Blogging about the everyday things of life is better than not blogging at all, right?

My long descent into coffee snobbery is worth chronicling some time, but not tonight. This morning, though, my local coffee roaster posted about his office coffee setup.  (Nova Roast is a sibling business to The Easy Chair Coffee Shop.  The Easy Chair is the coffee shop; Nova Roast is the coffee roasting business.) Seeing this post made me realize that I’m pretty proud of my setup, too. So I decided that it was worth blogging.

Here it is:

That’s a standard hot water pot, an Aeropress coffee maker with a stack of filters, a Hario Skerton Coffee Mill, and a bag of coffee from Nova Roast.

If I were going to change one thing, then it would probably be to upgrade the coffee mill to a motorized burr grinder, but grinding the coffee by hand really doesn’t take very long, and it certainly adds something to the ritual.

I’m also considering acquiring a Clever Coffee Dripper, but I haven’t decided whether it will take the place of the Aeropress at the office or live at home.