Monthly Archives: December 2012

Buy Local

  • Since coming to Ireland, I have been quite impressed by how much stuff is produced within Ireland. And much that isn’t produced in Ireland is produced in the UK. Not just local produce (though there is plenty of that), but processed food, manufactured goods, pharmaceuticals, all kinds of things. Really, it’s quite impressive for a country of 4.5 million people.

  • The most inspirational thing that I’ve read in the last few weeks is this piece from The Atlantic on the “insourcing boom”—the return of manufacturing to America. It’s early to tell if this trend will stick, if it is even a trend, but it’s hopeful. And it doesn’t surprise me too much, having seen how low-labor-cost economies tend to work during my two months in Egypt in 2005. It cycles, yo. (The link is to a @genehack tweet on a different subject altogether.)

  • That having been said, the most prominent/memorable “Made in U.S.A.” that I’ve seen since coming to Europe? On the urinal mats at Disneyland Paris. No, I’m not kidding.