Incoming Tide at Sandymount Strand

We live a few minutes walk from the beach here. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived near the beach, though my enthusiasm is somewhat tempered by the fact that it is never warm enough to swim or lounge around in the sun. (Well, it is never warm enough for me to swim or lounge around in the sun.)1 I believe the air temperature here has only cracked 70° F a couple of times since we arrived, and the water temperature at the nearest buoy (a few miles out to sea) is currently 58° F.

The beach we frequent is known as Sandymount Strand and is essentially a giant sandbank. At low tide, the water recedes a significant distance. If the Satellite imagery on Google Maps is to be believed, then I’d guess the water’s edge recedes by more than a half mile at most places along the strand. But, truthfully, I haven’t tried walking out to the water at low tide, so I can’t really say. At high tide, the water comes nearly up to the seawall in most places.

I’ve been a little surprised that there are no discernible waves. I assumed that this was just because of the sandbank. I thought I saw some waves breaking further out on the day pictured below, but then I didn’t see any on Saturday, when we rode the train for some distance down the shore (where there is much less sandbank). So, I’m not sure. The buoy (again, several miles out at sea) is reporting wave heights of 0.6 m at the moment, so there must be waves out there somewhere.

As a result of this lack of waves, though, the tide coming in is essentially a slow flood, with the water slowly but surely subsuming the gigantic beach. The first couple of times we went out to the beach, the kids were disappointed, because the tide was low(-ish), and they didn’t even see the water. This last time, though, we went out a couple of hours before high tide, and fun was had by all. I challenged them to stop the tide coming in with their shovels and bucket. They didn’t stop the tide, but that didn’t reduce their fun.






  1. Irish people keep commenting on how tan I am. I am becoming a bit self-conscious about it. 

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