Week in Review, 2016-W25.

(June 20, 2016 — June 26, 2016)

At least I’m getting this posted in a timely manner. Right?


  • Nope.
  • Upcoming: Quick trip to the DC area for a vehicle transaction.

Reading, Watching, and Listening

  • Well, I’ve been adding a bunch of stuff to the ToRead list. That counts? But seriously, this is a mess.
  • Missed our Friday night TV again, too.

Family and Friends

  • Kids in three different camps last week, which I think they enjoyed, but that’s a lot of running around. C at Cub Scout Day Camp; M doing an art camp; N doing “Busy Beaver” which is art and crafts, games, water play, and so forth.
  • Took the kids to Salem Red Sox on Sunday. Traffic in Salem was a general nightmare, and then we arrived to find that the Salem Fair was occupying more than half of the parking area with setup. This was unpleasant. But the Red Sox won, mostly through a 6-run 6th inning, which we got to see. So that was fun.

Home Improvement

  • Hung another ceiling fan in a child’s room, with quite a trek through the attic required to do so. One more of those to go.
  • Finished a little personal project, about which more later.

Health and Fitness

  • Ran on Tuesday and Saturday. Really struggling with schedule. Early morning was not working: I’m too impatient or rushed to adequately warm up, but sufficiently stiff that I worry that I’m going to injure myself if I don’t—old man problems.

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