Week in Review, 2016-W26.

(June 27, 2016 — July 3, 2016)

Halfway through the year. There is an excellent chance that next week’s post will be delayed. Or posted early. It’s hard to say.


  • Quick trip to DC. Got to catch most of a Nats game that turned out pretty fun. And stayed next to Nats Park on points, which was a big win (would do again). Rode the MegaBus up to DC. It was fine, but if we got some other mass transit options to DC, that would be better. Drove back in a new-to-us minivan. So, yay.
  • Upcoming: Before too long.

Reading, Watching, and Listening

  • Decided that I needed to get back to Instapaper. I did manage to knock off a few things, but I’ve also added a lot more in the last few weeks. I think finally finishing this will be something to do on vacation. Best thing I read was probably this Washington Post exposé of a sexual assault investigation at the United States Naval Academy. Quite a story.
  • I’ve also been reading Why Time Begins on Opening Day by Thomas Boswell, which Becky got me for our anniversary. It’s good, but the writing style seems surprisingly dated (1984), and I’m having a little trouble keeping track of all the characters. It’s not helping that I’m reading it in very short segments at bedtime.
  • Had our Friday night TV on Saturday, watched an episode of Kimmy and an episode of Catastrophe.

Family and Friends

  • All three kids at Camp Alta Mons as day campers this week, which I think they enjoyed. Church camp rates among my favorite childhood memories, so I hope this is the beginning of many memories for them.
  • Took the kids to a Pulaski Yankees game on Sunday. The Pulaski Yankees are about the same distance from our house as our usual Salem Red Sox, but they are a Rookie League Team in the Appalachian League. (The Salem Red Sox are in the Class A-Advanced Carolina League.) So, the Yankees play in a much smaller, historic ballpark. It was interesting, and it felt more homey. It was fun, and we’ll probably go back at some point, but the games tend to be at slightly more inconvenient times, plus a shorter season means fewer opportunities.

Health and Fitness

  • Ran on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Saturday was maybe my best run of the season—a 10k training run.

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