Week in Review, 2016-W29.

(July 18, 2016 — July 24, 2016)

These posts keep going up late. And I’d like to either switch to or add some more substantive content. But, I’m glad that I’m posting regularly again, so we’ll stick to that for now.


  • On Friday–Sunday, M and I went to Girl Scout Dad and Me camp at Girl Scout Camp Sacajawea in Lynchburg, Virginia for the second year in a row. The best thing, according to her? “No brothers!” (She loves her brothers and is awesome with them. Seriously. I took a picture of this morning her helping N learn to read. But she’s the middle child, and she likes the attention of a weekend with dad.)
  • Upcoming: Nope.

Reading, Watching, and Listening

Family and Friends

  • M and N were busy with day camps this week. It’s nice for them to have something to do and enjoy, but it’s a lot of running around!

Health and Fitness

  • Took another week off running, but organized my half-marathon training schedule.

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