Weeks in Review, 2016-W27 and 2016-W28.

(July 4, 2016 — July 17, 2016)

We took our annual beach vacation from July 10–16. So, I decided to combine these two weeks into one post.


  • Myrtle Beach. I think this was our sixth summer. Enjoyed the ocean, the pools, the kids, the drinks, and probably a little too much sun.
  • Upcoming: Lynchburg, Virginia.

Reading, Watching, and Listening

  • Emptied the Instapaper queue. Finally. Now to fill it up with articles about the election that I don’t actually manage to read until December. Ha. Next few bullets are the best things that I read.
  • City of Water. New York City’s water tunnels are fascinating infrastructure.
  • An Unbelievable Story of Rape. I actually read this a while ago, but somehow didn’t properly archive it. In any case, I read it again. Amazing story.
  • The Secret History of Tiger Woods.
  • My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones Investigation. This is more of a book than an article. Worth reading, though.
  • At the beach, I like to read on the balcony, watching and listening to the ocean. And the balcony doesn’t have a light. So, I chose to read on my phone rather than read either of the paper books that I brought. Hence, I started, and read most of Fallen by Lia Mills, which was the next thing I planned to read on Kindle. I chose it because it was the Dublin: One City, One Book selection this year, and I’ve read their selection every year for the last several. Undeniably a great novel, but veered a bit too far to romance for my taste. (I haven’t quite finished it, but will next week.)
  • I did make a little more progress on Why Time Begins on Opening Day before the beach. I’m no longer even sure what it is, to be honest. Some of the chapters stand completely alone and are short; others are long, intricate stories. I suspect that I should start over and read a chapter at a sitting, which is easy for the short (6 page) chapters, but less so for the long (40 page) ones.
  • I believe we watched another episode of one of our shows on Friday before the beach.

Family and Friends

  • Went to a 40th birthday party for a friend just before the beach, and that was fun. Amazing how so many different social circles interconnect in a small town.
  • And had a vacation with the family, of course, which I found particularly restorative this year. Big things ahead, but I think I’m ready.

Health and Fitness

  • In week 27, I ran three times Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but short mileage.
  • In week 28, I did not run. I really missed my runs at the beach, but I’m recovering from a couple ailments, and I’d like to give myself a chance to do that before I start training in earnest for the half marathon. (I hope to resume training by about July 25.)

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